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We are thrilled to release Exym's 2023 Behavioral Health Industry Overview, a comprehensive analysis of current trends in behavioral health, and the state of the behavioral health field as a whole.

This report provides insights into several critical areas that impact the behavioral health industry and the individuals it serves.

Behavioral Health Industry Overview Topics

Topics Discussed:

  • Substance Use Disorder (also known as Substance Abuse Disorder), which continues to be a prevalent issue across the globe, causing a significant impact on the mental and physical health of individuals, families, and communities

  • 988 Lifeline, a national hotline dedicated to mental health emergencies

  • Telehealth, and how it has revolutionized the way behavioral and mental healthcare services are delivered, as well as the challenges it presents for providers and clients

  • Burnout, the "Boomer" exodus, and how this is a growing trend in the Behavioral Health industry

  • HIPAA compliance and how the COVID-19 pandemic led to increased requirements, primarily regarding telehealth


We invite you to read the 2023 Behavioral Health Industry Overview to gain a deeper understanding of these critical issues affecting the behavioral health industry. This report provides insights, trends, and strategies that will help agencies and other healthcare providers make informed decisions and improve the delivery of care.

To receive the report, please fill out the form below and join us in shaping the future of behavioral health.


Exym Behavioral Health EHR Software Addresses Emerging Trends

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Jesse Collier
Post by Jesse Collier
May 31, 2023