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Residential treatment centers are often responsible for treating substance use and behavioral health disorders when outpatient treatment may not provide the level of care needed for an individual. The accreditation process is one way to ensure a residential treatment center provides the highest standard of care for its residents.

During the accreditation process, qualified professionals audit facilities to make sure they offer quality care that delivers positive results. Accreditation is also sometimes required for centers to operate legally. At other times, accreditation facilitates reimbursements or indicates the quality of services provided.  A solid behavioral health EHR software solution, like Exym, will not only improve productivity and outcomes for residential treatment centers, it can also make the road to accreditation much easier. 

Benefits of Behavioral Health Accreditation 

Behavioral health accreditation can helps organizations when they have the following concerns: 

  • Little to no reputation or credibility
  • Sub-par resident outcomes and safety 
  • Lack of funding that may affect staff retention and program delivery
  • Keeping up with ever-changing compliance requirements


How Accreditation Builds Trust for Residential Treatment Centers 

Exym’s 20 years in the behavioral health field have shown that the accreditation process, no matter the type, is a long and detailed journey. The good news: accredited institutions have shown they passed a rigorous level of inspection that showcases their stellar processes, teams, and outcomes. It also communicates to potential residents and grant programs that the residential treatment center follows detailed protocols and standards to provide excellent care for its residents. 

Using Accreditation and Exym to Improve Resident Outcomes 

Accreditation bodies, such as The Joint Commission (TJC) and Council on Accreditation (now a division of Social Current), thoroughly analyze residential treatment center operations, treatment, outcomes, and more. Receiving and maintaining behavioral health accreditation will always leave a residential treatment center more efficient and effective than its previous state. Systems and measurable goals will be set up to ensure the center is fully supporting its staff and residents to successfully carry out its mission. Residential treatment centers seeking accreditation find Exym EHR software to be paramount in producing the requested data and standard of care.  

Here are a few Exym features our customers love which improve outcomes:

  • Customizable, accessible data: Our Analytics module allows residential treatment centers to improve their reporting, pulling an endless amount of data regarding discharge trends, clinicians, notes needing completion, medication history, demographics, and more. Behavioral healthcare providers can continue to improve by identifying patterns in resident outcomes, treatment, and clinician performance, and making impactful changes. 

  • Security: With Exym, the leading EHR software for residential treatment centers, security is one less detail to stress about. Information stored in Exym goes through rigorous encryption both in transit and at rest, and our staff is thoroughly trained in HIPAA and security standards. 
  • Streamlined workflows: Customers using Exym find their administrative tasks are automated, less time is spent on paperwork, and approvals are a breeze, which means staff can work more efficiently. Improvements in workflows allow clinicians to focus more on their residents and satisfaction rates are crucial for maintaining accreditation. 

Behavioral Health Accreditation Opens Doors to Fundraising Opportunities 

Behavioral health accreditation status provides leverage for fundraising. When applying for funding, accredited organizations demonstrate enhanced credibility and care standards, providing a competitive edge and increasing chances of receiving funding. Additionally, some grants are exclusively available to accredited organizations, so agencies will have a larger pool of opportunities. Exym customers have found our Analytics tool has helped them create stronger applications and receive more funding. 

“Exym has made pulling pertinent data that funders ask for when writing grants easier.”  

- Courtney Mattox, Amanecer Community Counseling Service

Say Goodbye to Compliance Stress Through Accreditation 

Accredited or not, residential treatment centers have many compliance requirements to follow. Our Analytics dashboard can display how long a center’s clinicians have until they need to renew their license or certification, so they can continue to provide quality care. If a residential treatment center requires a signature or paperwork completed for compliance standards, Exym can be programmed to automatically send reminders to staff. Residential treatment centers do not need to worry about security breaches, HIPAA violations, or prying eyes. Maintaining accreditation requires a stellar environment of care and outcomes, and the higher the standard, the more likely to be fully compliant. Many compliance requirements are rooted in security, operations, and outcomes. Accreditation, as well as Exym, help residential treatment centers go above and beyond. 

The accreditation process is a long journey, often spanning anywhere from 6 to 18 months, but a residential treatment center’s hard work is rewarded by happier and more productive staff, enhanced collaboration, better funding opportunities, and improved outcomes. Exym’s software empowers behavioral health providers to pull various reports, transform their workflows to be fully optimized, and reduce staff workload and stress. Our Customer Success team walks alongside our customers to answer any questions and ensure all staff are utilizing Exym to its full potential.

If you need additional assistance throughout the accreditation process, contact our trusted partner, Accreditation Guru

Those who are looking to learn more about Exym are encouraged to request a demo. Or, visit our page for Residential Providers to learn more about behavioral health EHR software for residential treatment centers and group homes.

Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

Jesse Collier
Post by Jesse Collier
August 17, 2023