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If you’re looking for a reason to celebrate World Kindness Day, we have great news. There’s good science to back up the practice of kindness, and it’s been shown to have a slew of positive effects on people's bodies and minds.

A study published in Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science demonstrated that people who deliberately practiced kindness experienced a 23% drop in levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Another study, this one found in Biological Psychology, showed that the oxytocin that’s released when people give or receive kindness has powerful effects on health. It lowers blood pressure and even slows people’s heart rates.

What’s more, the benefits of kindness extend beyond the people giving and receiving the act. Even those who observe others practicing kindness benefit emotionally and physically. It’s not just a greeting-card sentiment; the kindness you share really does change the world around you.

If all of this sounds like a breath of fresh air, here are eight suggestions of how you can celebrate World Kindness Day.

1. Call a Loved One to Share Why They’re Special to You

You may talk to the people you love often, but have you ever stopped to truly express to them how important they are to you, and why? It's easy to assume that our loved ones know how much they mean to us, but sometimes a simple statement of appreciation can be a truly heartfelt gift.

Taking a moment to articulate the reasons why they hold a special place in your heart can have a profound impact on your relationship. It not only deepens the bond between you and your loved ones, but also serves as a reminder of the love and gratitude you have for them. So, don't hesitate to let your loved ones know just how much they mean to you. 

2. Talk to Children About Kindness

Have a meaningful conversation with the children in your life about what kindness means to them. Encourage them to share their thoughts and experiences, and listen attentively to their perspectives. By engaging in this dialogue, you can help children develop a deeper understanding of kindness and its significance in our lives.

Furthermore, you can take this opportunity to collaborate with children on creating a shared plan to spread kindness in the world. Brainstorm ideas together and discuss practical ways to incorporate acts of kindness into their daily lives. Whether it's volunteering together, participating in community service projects, or simply practicing empathy and compassion towards others, involving children in the process empowers them to make a positive difference.

3. Offer a Sincere Compliment

Whether it’s a colleague, a family member, or even a stranger, people thrive on genuine compliments and appreciation. Taking a moment to acknowledge someone's positive qualities or actions can go a long way in brightening their day and boosting their self-esteem. Imagine the impact of telling your colleague how their sense of humor brings joy to the office or expressing to your family member how their helpful nature has made a difference in your life.

When we offer sincere compliments, we not only uplift the recipient but also foster a culture of kindness and positivity. It reminds us of the importance of acknowledging and valuing the people around us. By sharing words of praise, we actively contribute to a supportive and encouraging environment.

4. Offer Your Seat to Someone on Public Transportation

Have you ever considered giving up your seat to someone during your commute? While you may not be obligated to do so, taking the initiative to stand for a while can significantly improve someone else's journey, making it more peaceful and enjoyable. Consider giving it a try on World Kindness Day, and maybe a few more days throughout the year.

5. Treat a Friend or Loved One to a Special Outing

This gives you two benefits: you get to spend time with someone you care about, and you can also treat them to a special moment. If a dinner out is more time or money than you can afford right now, just a cup of coffee or decadent dessert can show how much you value someone.

6. Praise Your Colleague's Achievements to Their Supervisor

It only takes a minute to send an email, praising someone’s great work, but it can send a powerful message about how much you value their contribution. Not only does it show appreciation for their efforts, but it also boosts their confidence and motivates them to continue excelling in their work. Additionally, recognizing and acknowledging someone's achievements can foster a positive work culture where colleagues support and uplift each other. 

7. Volunteer With a Nonprofit

There are organizations that champion just about any cause you care about. Whether you’re passionate about providing resources for the unhoused, caring for animals in shelters, or providing food to hungry people. Connecting with a nonprofit that shares your values is a great way to make an impact in your community.

8. Clean Up Your Surroundings

Not all acts of kindness require a significant amount of time or effort. While you may choose to spend a day in the park meticulously collecting trash, there are also simpler ways to make a difference. For instance, you can easily pick up a stray coffee cup that you come across on your way into a building.

It's important to remember that the impact of your actions doesn't have to be grandiose to be meaningful. Even the smallest efforts can bring about positive change in the lives of those around you. By taking satisfaction in these small acts of kindness, you not only give yourself a sense of fulfillment but also bestow a gift upon others.

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Brooke White
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May 30, 2023