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Behavioral Health EHR Software Improves Outcomes for Residential Treatment Centers 

Electronic health records (EHR) have revolutionized client care and outcomes in various behavioral settings, including residential treatment centers. Behavioral Health EHR software solutions, like Exym, have evolved to address needs and eliminate areas of frustration and inefficiency for behavioral health professionals. In this blog, we will highlight how EHR software can improve outcomes for residential treatment centers, and next steps if you’re interested in learning more. 

Elimination of Redundancies, Errors, and Employee Burnout in Residential Treatment Centers 

Manually handling paper records, scanning and faxing paperwork, and locating files around the office requires a lot of time and effort. When employees start scrambling to find files, or figure out why the printer isn’t working, they are not operating at peak productivity, and will feel stress and burnout. Not only is burnout awful for the employees experiencing it, but stressed residential treatment center clinicians will not be able to perform at their very best. This could lead to problems focusing on sessions,  missing notes deadlines, forgetting details essential to providing quality treatment, and more. As a result, a resident may feel that the clinician is not paying attention or does not care, and eventually lose faith in the treatment. 

The benefits of EHR software to a residential treatment center are numerous. Exym is a behavioral health EHR software that can automatically track the history of a resident’s past stays, available beds, medication administration, and work to keep you compliant with state and federal requirements. When using residential treatment center EHR software, all the details of a client’s behavioral health, stay, and treatment are in one place, which is a huge time saver for admins and clinicians. The less time you spend on paperwork, the more time you can focus on your clients. 


Make Data-Driven Decisions with Residential Treatment Center Behavioral Health EHR Software 

We know your agency deeply cares about its clients. What if you could uncover demographic and performance data to create personalized residential treatment plans and pinpoint areas to improve? Exym behavioral health EHR software allows you to easily receive custom reports and charts on-demand, or emailed to you weekly, or both! Do you wish you had time to set up an analytics dashboard? We got you covered: Exym offers turnkey pre-built dashboards and reports to get you started, based on years of residential treatment center experience and customer feedback. 

“The Analytics module has been life-changing in adding value to data and decision-making within our organization.” 

-Kristine Santoro, VP, Quality and Innovation at Didi Hirsch

Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere for Residential Treatment Centers

With paper files, residential treatment centers track down charts in the office and run from room to room to obtain clinician signatures. In treatment, providers need to sift through a pile of papers to find the information they need. One of the many benefits of EHR software for residential treatment centers is having everything “in the cloud”. Providers have access to accurate and complete information about the behavioral health history of a client. Clinicians can update or assign paperwork at their office computers, on their iPads during sessions, or on their phones when they leave the office. As we all know the importance of being HIPAA compliant and keeping information secure,  Exym behavioral health EHR software encrypts data and allows you to set permissions for individual contributors, eliminating the chances of prying eyes. 

Simplified Residential Treatment Center Billing 

Exym’s billing module has tailored billing templates. For California agencies, they are tailored to each country's specific requirements. This helps keep the billing process streamlined, which helps you receive faster payments. Our rate matrix automatically determines the amount being billed by agencies and can be customized for specific agencies and their contracted rates. These features are a huge time-saver for residential treatment centers. 

Paper-based systems can be challenging to access and share client information among care providers, leading to burnout and errors, which can significantly affect client care in residential treatment centers. One of the many benefits of EHR software includes increases in efficiency, security, and collaboration, which is palpable from admin to resident. 

Exym Behavioral Health Software for Residential Treatment Centers and Group Homes

If you’re interested in learning more about how Exym helps residential treatment centers and group homes, visit our Residential Providers page. We’d also love to connect with you. Request a demo and you'll hear from one of our team members who will assist you. 

Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

Brooke White
Post by Brooke White
July 25, 2023