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Meet Fred Brown Recovery Services

Fred Brown Recovery Services, a 12-step addiction recovery program established in 1983, has been helping men and women with substance use disorder for decades. Located in San Pedro, California, Fred Brown Recovery Services believes that everyone has their own special needs for recovery and offers customized and flexible treatment plans.

This non-profit organization believes there are a variety of paths to healing, and offers residential treatment, outpatient services, and sober living options. Fred Brown takes a holistic approach, providing residents with a healthy combination of counseling, education, nutrition, recreation, and more.

Exym’s customers dedicate themselves to meaningful work, and Fred Brown Recovery Services is no exception. Philip Vasquez, Outpatient Services Program Manager, took some time to answer a few of our questions so we could help spread the word about FBRS and their amazing addiction recovery programs.

Philip works closely with clinical directors, counselors, and case managers to deliver the best service to their clients. His work includes assisting with clinical and administrative supervision of staff, and training and developing his team to use Exym EHR software to document their services efficiently and accurately.

Here's what Philip has to say about working at Fred Brown Recovery Services.

"The most rewarding part of my job is to see clients come in and watch them evolve and grow before my eyes. I see people get the light back in their eyes and learn how to develop a new lifestyle that is both rewarding and health."

-Philip Vasquez, Outpatient Services Program Manager

Exym Helps Addiction Recovery Programs Make a Difference


One feature that makes Fred Brown so special is that they offer weekly Alumni meetings to bring past and current patients together, ensuring everyone has a lifelong community.

Exym is grateful to work with an organization that truly make a difference and positively changes lives. We were thrilled to hear this feedback from Philip:

"Exym has helped our staff work in an accurate and efficient way to document services, complete a billing process, and move to a more sustainable client chart in our clinics. Counselors can document services faster and with reliable ease of technology that is quick and easy to understand from the user’s perspective. Our staff managers have had the opportunity to refine their reporting tools so they can be more informative and easily understood to increase compliance and completion in Exym.

Working with Exym’s Stephanie Jenkins has been a joy for our agency to learn the system, edit activities and seek consultation about how to best use the tools within Exym. Our agency is looking forward to a more centralized system of health records management and ease in our billing processes because of Exym systems."

-Philip Vasquez Outpatient Services Program Manager

How You Can Help Fred Brown Recovery Services

All Fred Brown Recovery Services facilities are licensed and certified by the California Department of Health Care Services and regulated by the County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Control. This organization is also in-network with major health maintenance organizations such as CIGNA, Beacon Health, Blue Cross, Anthem, HealthNet, and LA Care, and works with most major PPO insurances.

To donate to Fred Brown, you can mail checks to the following address:

Fred Brown
PO Box 2743
San Pedro, CA 90731

Or donate via PayPal.

About Exym

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To learn more about how Exym substance abuse EHR software works with substance use providers to manage care, visit our page for Substance Use Providers.

Jesse Collier
Post by Jesse Collier
May 30, 2023