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Clinicians often struggle to keep up with clinical documentation, finding there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete paperwork for the number of clients they need to see. And in some states, clinicians can no longer bill for time spent on documentation – leading to a unique problem. Clinicians find themselves needing to complete paperwork as quickly and accurately as possible to maximize time spent on billable services, which are essential to keeping revenue flowing and the doors open.

The solution to this problem is behavioral health software designed to meet the specific needs of clinicians. Behavioral health software is rapidly replacing paper-based records for one reason – time savings. Electronic Health Record (EHR) software automates manual workflows and streamlines tedious paperwork, adding significant time savings for clinicians to focus on client care.

For instance, behavioral health software often uses templates to expedite clinical data entry, one of the most time-consuming tasks agencies face. With templates, staff can enter all types of data into predetermined fields. This data can then auto populate to other forms and templates throughout the EHR, saving time on data entry, and ensuring that information is duplicated accurately each time. When creating documents, Staff can save commonly used information, phrases, and notes on a clipboard for additional time savings.

Read on to learn more about the time saving benefits of behavioral health software. 

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EHR Software Dramatically Reduces Time Spent on Clinical Documentation

From appointment scheduling to billing, behavioral health software is designed to reduce time spent on clinical documentation. It eliminates the need for paper documents and provides templates to simplify repetitive tasks. Some of the documentation workflows that EHR software simplifies include: 

  • Clinical Notes - Most advanced EHR software, like Exym, includes templates that simplify note-taking. These templates have labeled sections and automations that guide clinical staff through the process step-by-step so they don't have to start from scratch every time they make notes. Notes templates also use checkboxes and drop-down menus to save even more time, allowing providers to choose options from a predefined list rather than type out each response.
  • Progress Notes - Like clinical notes, most behavioral health software has templates for progress notes. These blueprints enable clinicians to input patient progress information under predefined sections and choose common phrases and responses from saved options. What's more, EHR software gives easy access to a patient's entire medical history. The rapid retrieval of client information allows providers to quickly reference past notes, assessment results, and treatment plans when making notes. 
  • Assessments - Exym's EHR software documents all the assessments that clients undergo during treatment. This documentation serves as a reference for future evaluations and eliminates instances of duplicated assessments. This is especially helpful in cases where multiple clinicians collaborate on patient care. EHR software also clearly documents assessment results, which serve as a baseline for tracking clients’ progress over time, and helps providers make necessary adjustments to treatment plans. 
  • Intake and Discharge Paperwork - Behavioral health software is an invaluable tool when creating intake and discharge documentation. During intake, the EHR software captures essential information including patient history, insurance details, assessment results, and treatment plans. EHR software also documents all the information needed for follow-up care, including treatment progress and post-treatment recommendations. Clinical documentation is stored in a centralized cloud-based data hub, ensuring easy access for authorized providers and that everyone involved in care is on the same page throughout  a client's treatment journey.  
  • Billing and Claims Preparation - Behavioral health EHR software is a game changer in billing and claims processing. Advanced software automates every aspect of the clinical documentation needed in billing, like data entry, code assignment, claims generation, and claim submission. Using an EHR leads to significant time savings for staff, time they would have spent feeding vast amounts of patient data into billing forms. It also saves time spent on correcting errors and resubmitting disputed claims. With an EHR, automated checks are in place to catch claim mistakes before submission, leading to more clean claims, passed audits, and a healthy positive revenue flow.
  • Reporting and Data Analysis - A robust EHR allows clinicians to analyze data, map treatment progress, view program metrics, and report on these results using visually appealing and easy to read graphics. For example, Exym Analytics allows clinicians to set up dashboards to track metrics, making it easy to report progress to board members and stakeholders in real time. It also allows clinicians to identify gaps in care quickly, view how much time staff members are spending on specific program elements, and see who is bringing in revenue effectively.

Exym Has the Tools Your Clinical Staff Needs 

While many EHR software platforms are on the market, Exym's behavioral health EHR software stands out as one of the best. That’s because Exym was built specifically for mental and behavioral health providers. We deeply understand the challenges you face and the unique support you need. The most valuable clinical tools that come along with Exym's behavioral health EHR software include: 

1. Integrated Claims - Exym’s behavioral health software was designed to automate and expedite every aspect of claims processing. Our software prepares claims, checks for errors, and submits them to Medicare, Medi-Cal, or county departments of mental health. We also prepare claims for private insurance provider billing. Exym's software helps you catch mistakes before claim submission, so you can easily make corrections and successfully pass audits.

2. Custom Notes & Documentation - Besides billing, Exym's behavioral health EHR software automates note-taking and clinical documentation. This advanced feature helps clinicians easily document important details like medical history, diagnostic findings, and treatment plans. 

Exym's behavioral health software also performs these additional functions that clinicians love: 

  • Linking note templates to activities 
  • Providing continuity of client information, like assessments, health history, and treatment plans
  • Connecting notes with billing 
  • Electronically signing notes for authentication and collecting e-signatures on consent and treatment documents
  • Creating custom forms to send to clients and families so you can get the exact information you need

3. Exym Analytics Module - The Exym analytics module helps clinicians create reports to visualize clinical data. With Exym, clinicians can analyze billing efficiency, service quality, and compliance efficiency. What's more, users can export and share the data as PDF or Excel files.  


We've Partnered With Eleos Health So You Can Save Even More Time on Clinical Documentation 

Recently, Exym partnered with Eleos Health to help health clinicians save even more time on clinical documentation. Eleos uses augmented intelligence to analyze conversations between clinicians and patients and generates automated documentation with exceptional detail. The Eleos product cuts documentation time by up to 50 percent for clinical staff. Our partnership with Eleos Health brings the power of AI-driven documentation directly into clinicians’ hands within Exym’s software. 

Save Time and Increase Revenue With Exym Behavioral Health Software 

Reliance on paper-based records is quickly becoming a waste of valuable time in clinical settings. Manual documentation tasks involve painstaking data entry, an elevated risk of errors, and extensive clinical staff hours. All of this adds up to more expenses for clinicians and less time on billable hours and quality client care.

Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

Visit our Clinical page for clinicians and clinical staff for more information, or book a demo to experience how Exym’s software can revolutionize your clinical documentation processes.

Brooke White
Post by Brooke White
June 13, 2024