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Local Education Agencies (LEAs) frequently face logistical challenges in managing school-based mental health services, particularly when you factor in state billing requirements. With the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative (CYBHI), LEAs bear an additional layer of responsibility. 

LEAs must demonstrate that they have the necessary technology in place to meet the CYBHI's operational requirements. This includes the ability to securely collect, store, and transmit data, as well as having the billing infrastructure to submit claims and receive payments.

A strong Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, like Exym, is crucial to CYBHI success. EHR software automates and streamlines Medi-Cal billing requirements, documentation, records security, and claims analytics. Having Exym on your side is essential to establishing operational readiness and meeting the CYBHI standards for documentation and billing.

What is EHR Software? 

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital version of a paper chart. EHRs are real-time, student-centered, comprehensive records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users.

  • EHRs are designed to automate and streamline workflows and support data collection for billing, quality management, and reporting.
  • There are evidence-based tools and analytics capabilities within the EHR that can be used to make data-driven decisions about student outcomes.
  • A key feature of EHRs is their ability to facilitate information sharing across different settings. This feature supports service coordination and provider collaboration with improved speed, quality, safety, and costs.

Exym is a name you can trust, with 20 years of experience delivering innovative EHR solutions for behavioral health professionals in California. Our extensive knowledge and expertise position us as a key partner in advancing student care and efficiency through EHR software for schools. With Exym, you can be confident in meeting the CYBHI standards and operational requirements.


How Does an EHR Compare to a Student Information System (SIS)?

Your LEA is most likely using a SIS to maintain student records. An EHR works alongside your district’s SIS to support school-based mental health services. EHRs streamline processes for mental health professionals while complying with health-related privacy and security regulations, such as HIPAA. Exym’s EHR also has built-in Medi-Cal billing and compliance features and supports secure collaboration among service providers.

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How Do EHRs Help With Data Collection and Documentation for the CYBHI Program?

Comprehensive Record Management
EHR software like Exym enables easy and secure management of student mental health records. This includes streamlining features like data entry, records storage and retrieval, and customizable forms tailored to your specific needs. EHRs also track and record mental health history, assessment data, progress notes, and additional relevant information.

Advanced Billing Solutions 
Exym’s EHR was developed specifically for California mental health providers and has supported Medi-Cal billing for 20 years. We understand the complexities of navigating the CYBHI and offer California LEAs a tailored integrated multi-payer billing solution that was built for a school district in CYBHI Cohort 1. 

Our user-friendly software simplifies the billing claims process, automatically detecting errors before claims submission so you can quickly correct them and keep revenue management on track. Exym also has an affordable flat monthly fee- so you can keep more of your funding regardless of billing volume.

Privacy and Security Measures
Exym EHR software meets stringent privacy and security standards to protect student health information from unauthorized access. LEAs have unique needs around the regulations and laws governing student data privacy and confidentiality. Strong security practices are essential for maintaining confidentiality and compliance within these privacy regulations. Exym software for schools ensures: 

  • Students data is safe in our HIPAA-compliant, encrypted software
  • Data undergoes 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest
  • Records are accessed through configurable permissions to ensure staff only have access to the specific data they need to see

Robust Data Analytics 
Often, the best program outcomes are achieved through data analysis. LEAs can pinpoint patterns, progress, and inefficiencies with Exym's analytics. For those in the CYBHI program, our analytic capabilities extend to billing claims- where we can help you track your financial trends, remedy mistakes before submitting claims, and improve your clean claims and reimbursement rates.

Schools are also frequently tasked with reporting to school boards and other stakeholders. Exym’s EHR software allows users to search and sort data by population demographics, services provided, at-risk categories, or other specific student designations. These features make it easy to pull relevant data when reporting on the use of allocated funds or program metrics.


Why Use Exym EHR Software?

Exym is not just software; we’re a strategic ally, helping you adhere to CYBHI California mandates. Our support team is known for its reliability and resolves 95% of inquiries within the hour. We stand ready to support your LEA with unmatched service and reliability. We also take a proactive stance when it comes to compliance and regulations, so you always have someone in your corner.

By choosing Exym's EHR software, your LEA will gain access to advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, integrated multi-payer billing claims, and a deep understanding of Medi-Cal requirements. These features will not only streamline your operations but also set your LEA on the path to CYBHI success. 

Visit our CYBHI page for more information or to book a demonstration with an Exym EHR representative.

Brooke White
Post by Brooke White
June 18, 2024