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Kristen's Path to EHR Training 

Hi! I’m Kristen Taylor, your KCare EHR training and content aficionado. I love all things magic, sparkle, training, and content... Yes, I’m being 100% honest!

Fun fact: I couldn’t stand in front of a room and present on anything without my voice and hands shaking and sparkling on my forehead (you may know the more popular version of this phrase – “sweating”) until my mid-20s. 

My first paid position in social services was as a Teen Outreach Manager. I traveled to local middle and high schools and trained students on depression education and suicide prevention through a grant-funded program. I was so passionate about this topic and loved working with young people—it was my dream job at the time! A few minutes before my first presentation, I remembered how terrified I was of training in front of large groups. I took a deep breath, remembered why I accepted that position, and presented to 7 large groups of high schoolers that day. What an experience it was to hear their questions and stories and experience their engagement and desire to learn more! 

Why Kristen Loves EHR Training 

The rest, my friends, is history. I could never get away from training after that day. This passion stayed with me through my adventures in behavioral health, running operations at a child welfare agency, and now, at KCare, where I get to work alongside amazing agencies every day! 

I get asked a lot, “Why do you love EHR training and content so much?” How many of us have sat in a training (mandatory or chosen) and been bored out of our minds? Or the trainer was all over the place and you weren’t receiving or retaining the information shared? And maybe, just maybe, you had the thought, “What a waste of my time, money, and energy?” Please tell me I’m not the only one! 

Ok, now, how many of you have been in a training where you find yourself not just learning, but maybe even having fun? A light bulb or “Aha!” moment? Or maybe even a life-changing experience? Again, please tell me I’m not the only one! 

Believe it or not, all of those moments are why I love EHR training. I leave every training experience learning something, be it a method I don’t want to repeat, or a new perspective I may not have previously considered. There’s always an opportunity to grow and learn something new. I mean no one knows everything (but don’t tell my husband I said that 😉).  

"It’s my goal to create EHR support content for all learning types. I want to make things easy, memorable, and efficient for you and your teams."


Creating Content to Give EHR Support

Maybe you’re like me and love trainings, or maybe you don’t. This is where consuming content comes into play! One of the best things about content (help articles, on-demand EHR training, EHR support guides, etc.) is that it’s accessible at any time! We live in a world in which we’re often juggling an awful lot between our personal and work lives. Having content available at our fingertips allows us to devour it when our schedules allow. We can also share it with our team, colleagues, foster parents, other stakeholders, etc. I want to create EHR support content for you that you can modify and use in the most effective way possible for your team. Use it for your ongoing EHR training or onboarding new team members. Let’s make your life easier—you’ve got enough on your plate! 

EHR Support Content for All Learning Types

When we create or modify EHR support content, it’s important to remember that every single one of us learns differently. Some of us are visual or aural, and learn best by reading and writing, and some of us are kinesthetic. Maybe you’re multimodal… 

…Pause! Confused by what I just said? Check out VARK to learn more about your most effective learning style(s) or those of your team members. There are tons of great learning style resources out there, so don’t stop here. This can be your first pit stop (and a free one at that). 

It’s my goal to create EHR support content for all learning types. I want to make things easy, memorable, and efficient for you and your teams. You are so busy in your roles and supporting your communities. I don’t want you to have to spend unnecessary time trying to find the answers you need for your software. I want you to be able to find it quickly, absorb it, and execute your task. While I love our suite of EHR software products, I actually want you to spend as little time as necessary using them. Why, you ask? Because the less time you spend navigating our software, the more time you get to spend with your clients, and that’s what matters! I’m committed to creating content that allows you to not only find what you’re looking for quickly, but that also give you brief, easy to understand, and digestible information... bonus points when I can sneak in a creative and helpful graphic for my fellow visual learners out there! 

"I read and value every single piece of feedback I receive."

Kristen Understands Your EHR Support Needs

I’ve been in your shoes as a customer. I see the impact that effective EHR training and EHR support content can bring to you and your team. I see you as a partner in success and appreciate your ideas. Those surveys that you see after every training in KCare Academy? Please take them! I read and value every single one of them. Your comments help me understand what you liked, didn’t like, and what you and other customers may benefit from. There’s no “one size fits all” to EHR training and EHR support content. It’s a work in progress, but we can partner together to create some exciting collaborations and materials.

I’m constantly evaluating our materials to see how we can improve. This is a process, so please be patient if some updates take a little longer than others. In the future, you can expect to see our KCare Academy catalog grow, more live (virtual and in-person) training opportunities, Spanish content, and EHR training videos! 

I’m not afraid to get things wrong or to try new things. Please continue to share your ideas and feedback with me. I love getting to know you, your teams, your organization, and your training needs. I feel truly honored to work alongside so many incredible humans that serve their communities every day. That, my friends, is modern-day magic. Keep shining bright!  

About Exym

Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

If you'd like to learn more about how Exym  provides EHR support and training for our customers, and how our software creates a ROI for your organization, visit our Leadership page. You can also book a demo with an Exym expert and get the information that your agency's executive leadership needs when considering EHR software.

Kristen Taylor
Post by Kristen Taylor
June 20, 2023