Exym’s Director of Customer Support Shares How Exym’s Customer Service Stand Out

I know we are biased, but we truly believe that Exym has the best Customer Support team! We spoke with the wonderful Robert Buncic, Director of Customer Support. Robert shares his professional journey to Exym as well as customer problems he loves to help solve. He also highlights what makes Exym's Customer Service and Success teams special and provides advice for those looking for the right EHR software.

First, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional journey to Exym?

I started out in financial services and technology, and over the years found my way into the health care sector. My professional focus was always on customer experience so support of an EHR product is a natural fit.

What is your favorite thing about working at Exym?

Do I have to only pick one? 😊

Exym has incredible people who are truly dedicated and are giving their best every day so we are able to deliver the best product and the best experience for our customers.

Robert Buncic of Exym Customer Support Team

We’d love to hear about one of your favorite experiences with a customer!

Each time we can successfully resolve an issue is my favorite, but those occasions where we are able to solve a truly complex problem feel especially good. Computers are strange machines. They are programmed to execute an instruction set in a certain way and not deviate from that. Sometimes we’ll encounter problems that shouldn’t be happening, yet there they are, and we’ll have to bring many heads together to figure it out because we know our customers are being affected.

What makes Exym’s Customer Service and Success teams so special?

Exym team truly cares about the best outcome for our customers. We understand that our customers provide incredibly important services to their clients, and we are completely focused on helping them do that.

What is your advice for someone looking for the right EHR software?

This one is hard because every customer has unique needs. It’s important that the software fits their specific workflows and it’s easy to use. I am going to be biased with my next statement, but you also want to consider the service you will receive as a customer. A truly dedicated service team can add tremendous value and make a difference in your ability to serve your clients.

Thank you, Robert, for helping provide the best service to our customers, and taking the time to chat with us!

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