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Exym, a substance abuse EHR software, has been assisting agencies in secure record-keeping and improving client outcomes for two decades. We understand the challenges that agencies face in behavioral health treatment and do everything we can to make their jobs easier. Substance use is a complex condition requiring accurate assessments to guide effective treatment.  As substance use disorder treatment centers know, assessments and client intake can be more complicated and time consuming than anticipated . An agency might be delayed in treating a client because of the following reasons: 

  1. Billing redundancies, miscommunications, or signature approval delays between the clinician, their supervisor, and the administration 
  2. Challenges keeping track of treatment and medication documentation
  3. Lack of direction or strategy to improving productivity and treatment effectiveness

Read on to learn how the reasons stated above can have a negative impact on client outcomes and the treatment staff, and how intuitive substance abuse EHR software can help. At the bottom of this page, you can also download a checklist for a thorough substance use assessment. 

Exym has helped our staff work in an accurate and efficient way to document services, complete a billing process, and move to a more sustainable client chart in our clinics. Counselors can document services faster and with reliable ease of technology that is quick and easy to understand from the user’s perspective."

- Outpatient Services Program Manager, Fred Brown Recovery Services

Using Exym Substance Abuse EHR Software to Improve Productivity and Accuracy 

With Exym, the cumbersome process of locating paper charts and files when it's time to view and approve clinician notes is a thing of the past. Instead of piles of paperwork left on desks, clinician notes are sent directly to supervisors through our secure, cloud-based software, allowing for speedy and efficient approvals. The entire team can communicate seamlessly on the platform, ensuring clear communication and a reduced chance of miscommunications.

Los Angeles County-based customers also love our Sage-integrated streamlined billing process. This includes rate matrices and bonus rates available based on the credentials of the staff members providing services.  All of these features reduce the margins of error in an agency and allow for a streamlined treatment process. Our substance abuse EHR software is also tailored to the customer’s county and state needs to help you bridge the gap between compliance and workflow optimization. 

Closely Track Treatment and Medication Administration with Exym 

Centralized record-keeping allows all notes on treatment to be securely stored and accessed anytime, anywhere, from Exym's data hub. Client notes can show mental health and medication history, allergies, problem behaviors, and goals They can also be customized to capture any other detail a clinician would like to track. In fact, any type of form that a treatment center would like completed by clinicians or admins is completely customizable, and makes getting signatures and approvals a breeze. Additionally, our Medication module enables treatment centers to clearly document medications given to clients and mark “skips” if a client refuses. 
And, for those concerned about prying eyes, there are various levels of permissions that can be given to users, so nobody has access to anything they don’t need to see. 


Use Analytics to Improve Substance Use Disorder Treatment Effectiveness 

Making data-driven decisions and understanding the demographics of clients is not only crucial for improving systems, it's a golden ticket for securing more funding. Our powerful Analytics module allows you to quickly receive accurate information on the following statistics: 

  1. Active client count 
  2. Overdue note count 
  3. Weekly percentage of no-shows 
  4. Ratio of clients successfully discharged
  5. Comprehensive list of every medication taken by clients
  6. Clinician license expiration dates 
  7. Note completion timeliness 
  8. Number of re-admitted clients 
  9. Discharges and reasons for discharge 
  10. Demographic data: Gender, location, percentage of unhoused clients, ethnicity, etc.

With our Analytics dashboards, the opportunities for accessing numbers and charts that will benefit an agency are endless. Clinicians, managers, and directors can utilize this data to improve their agency’s productivity, allow clinicians to keep up with their notes, reduce the chances of premature discharge, stay on top of licensing and compliance, and so much more.

This data is also very valuable when agencies are completing grant applications. It allows agencies to show how their clients meet grant criteria and are within targeted populations for services using grant funds. Grantors also appreciate it when substance use disorder treatment agencies provide data on how their grant money has improved outcomes for clients, and how many service are provided with their money. 

"Our staff managers have had the opportunity to refine their reporting tools so they can be more informative and easily understood to increase compliance and completion in Exym."

-Outpatient Services Program Manager, Fred Brown Recovery Services

Exym Helps Substance Use Providers Get Organized

Effective collaboration and efficient workflows between departments are essential for comprehensive substance abuse treatment. Exym substance abuse EHR software allows for easier record storage, collaboration, strategizing, and data-pulling to ensure agencies are providing the best possible treatment for their clients. Read more about how Exym can help your agency on our Substance Use Providers page.

Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

Free Downloadable Substance Abuse Assessment



Jessica Carey
Post by Jessica Carey
August 10, 2023