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In the dynamic landscape of behavioral healthcare, residential treatment centers play a pivotal role in supporting individuals requiring mental healthcare. However, these agencies often grapple with a host of challenges, such as: 

  1. Difficulty maintaining information on treatment journeys
  2. Navigating nuanced and ineffective billing processes
  3. Documentation delays due to note accessibility and approvals
  4. Spending extensive time and stress on maintaining compliance 

The good news is there are ways to bypass these issues so agencies can provide more efficient and effective treatment to clients. Read on to learn how Exym EHR software makes our customers’ day-to-day tasks easier. At the end of this blog, we provide a residential treatment center EHR evaluation checklist to smooth the process for agencies seeking behavioral health EHR software. 

Exploring the Benefits of EHR Software for Residential Treatment Centers 

A comprehensive evaluation of EHR solutions is essential for residential treatment centers seeking to streamline operations. Exym, the leading EHR software solution, has many features built specifically with residential treatment centers in mind.  

1. Seamlessly Track Clients' Treatment Journeys

Managing client information manually can lead to errors, oversights, and gaps in the treatment process. Paper files and charts are difficult to locate and only accessible by one person at a time. Exym enables residential treatment centers to digitally log and track intake documentation, history of past stays, incidents, and mental health records effortlessly.

Our Analytics module also generates reports and charts to identify patterns in a single client or multiple clients. A comprehensive view of treatment plans facilitates personalized care and promotes informed decision-making among care providers. 

2. Simplify Billing with Precision

Billing complexities and denied claims can dramatically hinder the financial efficiency of a residential treatment center. According to Change Healthcare, the average denial rate has been increasing year after year in the U.S. Pacific region, and reached a peak denial rate of 17%. This study also found that 16% of denied claims are due to missing or invalid claim data.

Enter Exym, with its rate matrix, MediCal support, and county-specific billing features. By automating billing processes aligned with specific regulations, Exym ensures accuracy, transparency, and fewer denied claims. The result? A streamlined billing cycle that reduces administrative effort and increases revenue. 

3. Amplify Accessibility and Approvals

Having the power to easily access and approve charts and notes is vital in mental healthcare. Exym's cloud-based behavioral health EHR software allows records and paperwork to be accessed anytime, anywhere. Whether a clinician or manager is with a client, at their desk, or off-site, they can view and approve notes and send secure messages to colleagues from a computer, tablet, or phone. Scouring the office for a chart or waiting for an off-site manager’s return to approve notes is a thing of the past. Exym's digital approval process expedites workflows, ensuring timely care delivery that meets clients' needs promptly. 

4. Ensure Effortless Compliance

Compliance is a tremendous stressor for residential treatment center admins, but keeping up with regulations is non-negotiable. Behavioral health residential treatment centers are saddled with satisfying HIPAA, state, and county requirements, and violating these requirements can result in fines or even criminal penalties.

We believe that behavioral healthcare teams should be focused on the treatment of their clients, so Exym is meticulously crafted with compliance in mind. Our secure infrastructure, world-class data storage, and encryption protocols safeguard sensitive client information, both at rest and in transit.

Automated compliance checks and alerts serve as regulatory guardian angels, mitigating the risk of breaches, ensuring adherence to industry standards, and relieving admins of the burden of maintaining compliance. If standards change, such as California’s rollout of CalAIM, our software is updated, and modules are built as necessary to maintain compliance. 


Elevating Residential Treatment Centers with Behavioral Health EHR Software 

To download our free Residential Treatment Center Software Checklist, complete the form below, and it will be instantly emailed to you. You can also visit our Residential Providers page for additional information on behavioral health software for residential treatment centers and group homes.



Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

Brooke White
Post by Brooke White
August 14, 2023