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In a time when technology has become an integral part of behavioral and mental healthcare, schools are increasingly vulnerable to student data breaches and cyberattacks. Schools dependent on paper files and Google documents are subject to serious data risks, including access by unauthorized users, record tampering, and data being more easily exposed, copied, shared, and lost. Put simply, paper records are dangerously insecure. 

To avoid these damaging pitfalls, we recommend that schools consider Exym EHR (electronic health record) software for schools. Exym effectively controls student data privacy and security. Here are four ways to leverage EHR software to secure your students’ sensitive information and maintain confidentiality in schools 

Exym Helps Maintain Confidentiality in Schools in Alignment with FERPA and IDEA 

School staff and administrators are familiar with education codes and laws that protect students’ rights, treatment, and privacy. This includes FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) which protects the privacy of student records, and IDEA, which ensures that students with special needs receive the assistance they need to thrive. 

Many schools store confidential student files in locked cabinets or rooms, but if an employee does not fully close the cabinet or forgets to lock the door, personal information and private records are at risk. Failure to maintain the education code regarding confidentiality in schools can risk a school’s reputation, and even result in lawsuits. 

With Exym EHR software, interns, school psychologists, and administrators can securely store and access behavioral health records for students receiving services. School counselors can document case notes and student behaviors, send secure messages to colleagues, and approve clinical notes within Exym’s EHR software. Parent counseling permission forms and other paperwork can be sent swiftly and signed digitally. This eliminates the need for printers and reduces the time it takes for forms to make their way home and back to school in student backpacks. 

As technology, school, and students’ needs evolve, Exym is committed to maintaining confidentiality in schools and keeping student data privacy secured. 


Encrypted Data Ensures Student Data Privacy 

Exym’s cloud-based EHR software securely encrypts and stores private student information in a world-class data center in the United States. Data centers provide physical security, protecting your data with firewalls and frequent backup procedures, so data will not get stolen, lost, or destroyed. While Google Docs and spreadsheets receive some level of encryption, they fail to provide the robust protection required to shield sensitive information from potential breaches and ensure student data privacy.

Consider the scenario where an email account is compromised or a link in someone’s browser history falls into the wrong hands; this leads to unauthorized access to critical data. The vulnerability of paper files also cannot be underestimated. Files left on a desk are accessible if an administrator or school counselor steps away, even for a moment. It is surprisingly easy for either of those scenarios to happen, even with the most diligent employees.  

Exym takes student data privacy to another level by subjecting data to 265-bit encryption. For reference, 128-bit encryption is one of the strongest encryption methods available today. If a hacker uses brute force to crack 128-bit encryption, it is estimated to take a billion years. Student data housed in Exym undergoes 265-bit encryption, which is exponentially more secure than 128-bit. In other words, Exym, which also goes through frequent penetration testing, is very, very secure. 

Share Clinical Documentation with External Parties Securely

When it comes to sharing essential paperwork or sensitive documentation with students’ additional care provider(s) or parental guardians, information security is crucial. Traditional methods, such as attaching personal files to an email or relying on postal services, carry inherent vulnerabilities and create the unfortunate potential for security breaches. 

To mitigate those risks, all data stored in Exym EHR software for schools is encrypted in transit to ensure student records safely arrive in the hands of the intended party.  

Another advantage of this method is that clinical documentation notes are accessible anywhere with an internet connection, and parties can electronically sign documents. School counselors experience peace of mind when using Exym to easily navigate the complexities of sharing behavioral healthcare documentation.  


Configurable Permissions Enhance Confidentiality in Schools 

Open permissions across the entire organization can expose schools to a range of serious risks. With Exym EHR software for schools, the system ensures that staff members are only granted access to the specific data they require to fulfill their respective roles and responsibilities. 

For example, school staff responsible for behavioral health program operations do not need access to student’s clinical notes. A student’s file should be accessible to as few people as possible to protect confidentiality in schools. Exym’s EHR software effectively compartmentalizes access, allowing staff to focus on their responsibilities without unnecessarily risking exposure to confidential clinical records. 

Another example is related to school files and data used by interns and their supervisors. In most cases, counseling, social work, and school psychology interns only need basic EHR software clinical documentation functions. Exym allows supervisors to set permissions that give interns access to the information they need to support students, create case notes, and have their notes approved, without giving them free reign within confidential records, reports, and workflows. 

Explore Exym’s Clinical Documentation Software for Schools 

At Exym, we recognize the unique challenge that schools face in safeguarding students’ confidential information while adhering to education code. Our mission is to provide an easily configurable yet comprehensive clinical documentation solution that streamlines student data while keeping it safe and compliant. With Exym EHR software, you gain a trusted partner that elevates your workflows and enables you to provide life-changing care to students. 

From encrypted data storage, to secure file sharing and configurable permissions, Exym offers invaluable tools that school counselors and interns can use to maintain confidentiality and increase the care they are providing to students.  For more information on the features school social workers and counselors love, visit the Schools page on 

About Exym

Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

Brooke White
Post by Brooke White
August 22, 2023