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When choosing the right mental health billing software in California, it's crucial to make sure it complies with Medi-Cal billing regulations. Many healthcare agencies face frustrating challenges when it comes to maintaining billing compliance, due to the limitations of their billing software. 

At Exym, we have a deep understanding of the needs of California agencies and have been a trusted partner for social services organizations in California for over 20 years. We routinely guide agencies through the intricacies of Medi-cal billing, and we're ready to help you navigate the evolving landscape of CalAIM regulations.


How Does Exym Help Agencies Stay in Compliance With Medi-Cal Billing?

Managing Medi-Cal billing in California requires a specialized approach, and Exym provides agencies with tailored solutions to ensure they remain compliant. These include: 

  • Customizable Templates for Precise Documentation:
    Compliance with Medi-Cal regulations starts with accurate documentation and data entry. Our EHR software features customizable note templates tailored to specific Medi-Cal billing requirements. These templates streamline documentation and the billing code process, ensuring that agencies capture data accurately and quickly. 

  • Training and Ongoing Support:
    Using a complex billing software that your staff struggles to navigate effectively can pose additional compliance risks. Exym  offers training sessions and ongoing support, allowing staff to understand and implement best practices, creating a compliant and competent workforce. We also assign a Customer Success Manager to each agency, ensuring our customers get the best out of our software and know who to talk to when questions arise.

  • Comprehensive Reporting for Audits and Analysis:
    Compliance oversight often involves generating detailed reports for audits and internal analysis. Exym's reporting tools empower agencies to create comprehensive reports specific to CalAIM and Medi-Cal billing requirements. Graphics and reports can be easily created using Exym data and dashboards, eliminating the need to export information to a separate system. These reports serve as a valuable resources, providing agencies with insights on how to best optimize their processes and enhance compliance efficiency.  

  • User-Friendly Interface:
    One potential obstacle to maintaining compliance is the complexity of many EHR software platforms. Fortunately, Exym addresses this issue by offering an intuitive interface that allows agencies to navigate the system effortlessly. This user-friendly design allows your staff to carry out tasks efficiently without unnecessary complications.

Agencies Achieve Higher Clean Claim Rates With Our EHR Software Tools 

A claim rate is the percentage of insurance claims submitted by a provider that are accepted and processed without errors. This rate typically represents the efficiency of your medical billing software. Having high clean claim rates signifies efficient billing processes, resulting in reduced administrative burdens and improved financial stability for your agency. Lower rates suggest issues such as claim denials, rejections, or delays in the reimbursement process, which negatively impact your agency's bottom line. 

Exym's mental health billing software was created to meet the unique needs of behavioral and mental health agencies in California. We understand the importance of clean claims in achieving financial stability, and our software is designed to enhance efficiency, helping agencies manage revenue, audits, and reimbursements with ease.


Is Your Current Mental Health Billing Software Successfully Handling Audits and Reimbursements? 

Unfortunately for many agencies, other EHR companies do not understand California's compliance issues, and the complexities of keeping up-to-date with CalAIM requirements. Exym does both—we help your business remain compliant while also providing comprehensive solutions to billing challenges. Our mental health billing software helps agencies efficiently manage audits and reimbursements in California through several key features: 

  • Clean Claim Optimization: We provided customized tools for each agency's unique needs, ensuring accurate and comprehensive documentation and reducing the likelihood of claim errors. 

  • Efficient Billing Processes: Our mental health billing software incorporates automated features that streamline billing workflows, allowing for faster and more accurate claim submissions. This helps reduce errors associated with manual documentation and increases the overall efficiency of the billing process. 

  • Audit Trail and Compliance: Exym's EHR maintains a secure and detailed audit trail, which helps achieve transparency and accountability in the billing process. This plays a significant role in ensuring your agency adheres to industry regulations and avoids fines and other penalties 

  • Reimbursement Tracking: Our software provides tools for monitoring and tracking reimbursements, allowing your agency to stay informed about payment statuses. These automated processes help speed up reimbursement timelines and improve cash flow.  

Why Choose Exym?

When it comes to California's evolving CalAIM and Medi-Cal billing compliance requirements, you need a reliable partner like Exym to help you keep up. 

Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for mental and behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

We are committed to empowering agencies, while respecting their unique needs and guiding them through compliance. Exym is the go-to choice for California agencies seeking excellence in EHR software!


Book a demo with us today to revolutionize your agency's billing processes, and stay ahead of California compliance requirements. Or, check out our page for California counties and read more about how Exym works to support local agencies in your area

Brooke White
Post by Brooke White
April 22, 2024