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What is SAPC?

SAPC is a part of the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department. It stands for Substance Abuse Prevention and Control, and many LA County substance use disorder programs fall under SAPC billing regulations. Navigating SAPC billing requirements can often be difficult and complex, and clinicians can benefit greatly from the use of mental health billing software, like Exym.

Who Benefits from SAPC LA County Services?

SAPC LA County increases access to substance use disorder treatments for adolescents and adults who are eligible for Medi-Cal and reside in Los Angeles County. It expands reimbursable services to create a better continuum of care including withdrawal management, medication-assisted treatment, short-term residential treatment, case management, and care coordination with physical and mental health, and recovery support services.

Who Provides SAPC Services in LA County?

SAPC LA County substance use disorder providers are required to be certified or licensed by the Los Angeles County Public Health Department and the California Department of Health Care Services. Upon DHCS approval, agencies will receive and Alcohol and Other Drug Certification (AOD). Youth residential services are licensed by the California Department of Social Services.

You can see a full list of SAPC LA County providers here:

If you’re part of a new agency that wants to provide SAPC services, it’s important to start the certification process early. State and county processes both take 6 months to one year to complete, and there have been some Covid-related delays in addition to the normal processing time.

SAPC + Public Health Campaigns

In addition to funding for substance abuse disorder treatments, SAPC runs public health campaigns in Los Angeles County. Some recent campaigns include Meth Free LA, Manage Pain Safely, and Bigger Choices. SAPC is also running a campaign to recruit more people to become substance abuse providers.



Why Agencies Need Mental Health Billing Software to Navigate SAPC

SAPC billing can be complex! There are three SAPC rate matrices- Standard, Perinatal, and Youth. Within each of those matrices there are bonus rates available based on the credential level of the staff providing each service. SAPC programs should be set up for each level of care as defined by SAPC.


How can Exym Behavioral Health EHR help with SAPC Billing?

Exym's behavioral health EHR automatically adjusts SAPC rates and bonus rates so that billing and reimbursement is easy and seamless for agencies. Our software has the capability to track various substance use credential rates and adjust billing automatically, saving agencies time, and sparing them from costly billing errors that could lead to lost revenue.

Additionally, Exym is able to automatically adjust billing data based on intake information, such as the client's age or if a client is pregnant, so that the appropriate billing matrix is used. Our software can also evaluate residential day rate bonuses and provider bonus levels to bill for the lower of the two. 

Exym’s behavioral health software has the ability to generate 837 batch files for claims which removes the need to manually enter claim information directly into SAPC’s system. Users report that this new feature is just like “magic”!

Exym Mental Health Billing Software Gives SAPC Agencies an Advantage

The billing requirements for SAPC programs can sometimes be confusing and time consuming for providers. When agencies use Exym's mental health billing software can streamline billing so claims are filed more efficiently and accurately. This valuable partnership can lead to more clean claims, easier audits, and faster reimbursements!

Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

Visit our Finance Page to learn more about maximizing revenue and getting more reliable payments using Exym's mental health billing software. If you are interested in even more software features that benefit SAPC programs please visit our Substance Use Providers page or book a demo.

Jessica Carey
Post by Jessica Carey
May 30, 2023