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What is Social Work Month?

Social Work Month, in March, is a time to celebrate the incredible profession of social work and the people who provide care as social workers. During Social Work Month, we take the time to learn more about the many positive contributions of the profession, and celebrate the social workers in our community.

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On Overview of the Importance of Social Work Appreciation Month

The need for social workers in our community is great.

There are nearly 720,000 social workers in our nation. That number is expected to grow by 12 percent by the end of the decade. That makes social work one of the fastest growing professions in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Social workers have long been an integral part of our society, making significant contributions to movements such as Civil Rights and Women's Rights. They have tirelessly advocated for social programs that are now fundamental to our lives, such as the minimum wage, a 40-hour work week, Social Security, and Medicare.

Today, the demand for social workers is greater than ever, prompting more individuals to enter the field. The essential services they provide are crucial in addressing the pressing challenges we face. It is high time that we come together to celebrate Social Work Appreciation Month and express our profound appreciation for these dedicated professionals.

As our nation grapples with the far-reaching consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic racism, economic inequality, global warming, and various other crises, the importance of social work becomes even more evident. That is precisely why the theme for Social Work Month in 2022 was chosen as "The Time is Right for Social Work." This theme has proven to be timeless, resonating with society as we navigate through current events and individuals continue to require ongoing support.

Learn more about Social Work Month in this video from the National Association of Social Workers:

About Social Workers

Social workers play a crucial role in addressing the challenges that our society faces. They are the frontline heroes who tirelessly assist individuals in overcoming crises.

Social workers can be found wherever people need support in navigating difficult life circumstances. They are valuable members of interdisciplinary care teams in schools, hospitals, mental health centers, nonprofits, corporations, and even the military. Additionally, social work professionals contribute their expertise at various levels of government, from local, to state and federal. Some social workers also choose to establish private consultation practices, further expanding their reach and impact.

Throughout U.S. history, social workers have:

  • Fought for civil and voting rights for people of color

  • Protested American intervention in wars

  • Achieved the minimum wage and safer workplaces for economically-disadvantaged people

  • Expanded reproductive and employment rights for American women

  • Supported marriage and employment protections for LGBTQIA+ people

  • Advocated for immigrants seeking asylum

  • Pushed for sensible gun laws and anti-violence initiatives

  • Raised awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment

  • Fought for client privacy and mental health services

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Jessica Carey
Post by Jessica Carey
May 30, 2023