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In recent years, schools across the nation have faced unprecedented challenges in meeting the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students. Many schools have had to quickly expand existing programs or build entirely new school-based mental health services as they adapt to the changing mental and behavioral health needs of their students.

To compound the issue, school districts must often deal with complicated logistics that come along with building school-based mental health services. They need to recruit and train personnel, implement new systems of documentation, protect student data privacy, and supervise interns in school counseling, all while trying to figure out where their next funding opportunities will come from.  Exym software for schools can help!

Exym Has the Features Every School Counselor Wants

At Exym, we know mental health professionals working in school-based mental health services have a lot on their plates. Our software for schools was designed to simplify school counselor case notes, streamline workflows and data tracking, and make school social worker supervision easier. 

Take a look at some of Exym’s top features for a school counselor or school social worker:

  • Daily case management 
  • HIPAA compliant case notes that ensure student data privacy 
  • Customizable access permissions dependent on roles  
  • Electronic signature gathering 
  • Accessing data from any location 
  • Data analytics, outcome tracking, and reporting 
  • Custom note templates, due date reminders, and activity tracking
  • Intern management

Exym's Software for Schools is Designed to Protect Student Data Privacy

We often find that when districts have not yet implemented a specific software for schools they are relying on Google or Word documents, or still using paper files.These types of documents may not meet the highest security standards, leaving them vulnerable to potential breaches of confidential information and unauthorized access.

That's why it's crucial to invest in a dependable and secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) software platform tailored specifically for school-based mental health services. When it comes to software for schools, it's essential to consider the regulations and laws governing student data privacy and confidentiality.

Exym's EHR software was designed to maintain strict standards of confidentiality and security, and is HIPAA compliant. With Exmy, you have peace of mind knowing your students' data is safeguarded and protected.

Exym software for schools maintains: 

  • Students’ data is safe in our HIPAA-compliant, encrypted software 
  • Student records are housed in a world-class data center in the United States 
  • Data undergoes a 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest 
  • Our software’s configurable permissions for staff ensure members only have access to the data they need 


School Social Worker Intern Management is Easy with Exym 

Districts often need to rely on school social worker or school counselor interns when providing school-based mental health services. With Exym software for schools, mental health professionals' critical data and communications are kept in a central hub. Our EHR software keeps all information securely in the cloud, and everything from case notes, to reporting and approvals, is customized to a district's specific needs.  

With Exym EHR software: 

  • The personal clipboard feature allows each case note to save common phrases that are copied in the note body, allowing for higher accuracy and quicker completion time
  • A built-in compliance feature reminds users if paperwork is incomplete or if deadlines are approaching
  • An easy note approval process automatically sends notes to supervisors and allows the clinician/supervisor to send edit requests and tips back and forth in a private message 
  • Reports allow supervisors to see note submission times and other topics that help manage their team more effectively
  • Programs and services are organized by location. Colleagues can see where each service took place and pull reports specific to one school, all schools, or selected schools.
  • Track services for at-risk groups and special populations, such as unhoused and foster youth, or other demographics. This data can be used for reporting, or to meet grant criteria for funding opportunities.
  • Every new class of interns can be trained quickly to use Exym software  

$50 million Recently Awarded by the Federal Government for School-Based Mental Health Services

On January 24, 2024 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced $50 million in grants for school-based health services for children. The goal of the grant is to,

"...connect millions more children to critical health care services, particularly for mental health, at school....the grants will provide 20 states up to $2.5 million each in funding that can help states implement, enhance, and expand the use of school-based health services through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)."

Currently, only 16 states cover school-based mental health services for CHIP or Medicaid-covered children beyond those with special education needs. CMS is hoping that more states will follow suit and develop school-based mental health programs using this new federal funding. 

CMS anticipates giving out a total of 20 grants using this federally approved money, with a minimum of 10 awards earmarked for states that have yet to cover school-based health services for all children covered by Medicaid or CHIP.  Additionally, up to 10 grants are intended for states which have already taken initial steps to expand school-based mental health services, with the hope that these grants will enhance or refine their existing programs.

Now is the time for school districts across the nation to build up their school-based mental health services and take advantage of funding opportunities!

Exym EHR Software and School-Based Mental Health Services

Exym can help your district stay organized and ahead of the curve when it comes to secure documentation, intern management, and data tracking. Visit our Schools Page to learn more about how Exym partners with schools.

Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

Schedule a demo and speak to an Exym expert who can answer your questions and help you get started with our trusted software for schools.

Brooke White
Post by Brooke White
January 29, 2024