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In recent years, school districts have faced unprecedented challenges in meeting the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of their students. Many California schools have had to quickly expand existing programs and build entirely new school-based mental health services as they adapt to the changing needs of students.

On top of that, districts must often hire and train new personnel, figure out new systems of documentation and data tracking, supervise counseling or social work interns, and try to figure out how to submit billing claims.  This is where Exym software for schools can help!


Exym Software for Schools is Trusted by California Districts 

Exym is the trusted choice for California schools when it comes to confidential documentation and safeguarding student data privacy. Multiple districts in Southern California have also partnered with Exym to effectively manage private insurance and L.A. Department of Mental Health (LADMH) billing claims.

Hear what Upland Unified School District has to say about the Exym features their Counseling Center interns love most, and how Exym's software for schools is helping to simplify their documentation processes:


The Benefits of Using Exym EHR Software for School-Based Mental Health Services

At Exym we understand how overwhelming it can be to learn new software and figure out billing claims, and we meet you right where you are. We already work with California school districts to help with:  

  • Daily case management 
  • HIPAA compliant case notes that ensure student data privacy 
  • Customizable access permissions dependent on roles  
  • Electronic signature gathering 
  • Accessing data from any location 
  • Data analytics, outcome tracking, and reporting 
  • Custom notes, due date reminders, and activity tracking
  • Intern management
  • Private insurance, LADMH, and CalAIM billing claims 

Santa Ana Unified School District, the second largest district in Orange County, loves using Exym EHR software for their school-based mental health services. Take a look at what they have to say about our amazing customer service and affordability.


California Schools are Already Using Exym School Billing Software

In the past, California schools have been reluctant to bill for services that are eligible for Medi-Cal reimbursements. Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, author of California Assembly Bill 483, explains that:

"In aggregate, California schools bill far less, and draw down significantly less in reimbursements for Medicaid services than other states. For example, California spends $29 per Medi-Cal eligible child, while Montana generates over $500 per eligible child.” 

-California Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi

Many school districts have had good reason to avoid Medi-Cal billing, because districts have historically struggled with Medi-Cal audit practices and have even had to return significant amounts of funds that were disallowed during audits. Local Education Agencies (LEAs) have also received unclear and inconsistent guidance from the state around  Medi-Cal billing leading many of them to opt out of the program. 

However, a recently passed California bill, AB 483, expands access to school-based mental health and health services by reforming the auditing process, making it easier for schools to participate in Medi-Cal billing. Through DHCS reforms to the auditing process, more schools can successfully bill under the California LEA Billing Option Program (LEA BOP), increasing funding to support students.

It's time to prepare your district for success in the upcoming 2023-2024 school year and take advantage of new billing opportunities! Take the first steps towards streamlining documentation, processes, and billing by integrating Exym school billing software into your district.


With the help of Exym, these districts are collecting much needed funds from private insurance and L.A. Department of Mental Health billing claims. We are also well-versed in Medi-Cal and CalAIM billing requirements, and are already helping many social services agencies successfully navigate CalAIM billing claims. In fact, we are proud to say that Exym has never missed a CalAIM compliance deadline.

Exym Software: The California Expert in EHR Solutions

Exym is a comprehensive EHR software solution designed specifically for behavioral health agencies. Trusted for 20+ years, our intuitive and customizable software empowers providers to improve client outcomes, manage revenue cycles, and increase agency efficiency. Exym allows you to spend more time on what matters most- the clients in your care.

Exym's roots are in California, and we are dedicated to improving publicly-funded mental health services. We are well-versed in California billing requirements and have built decades of trust with local social services agencies.

If you'd like to know more about the benefits of Exym EHR software for California schools, visit our Schools Page. To learn more about Exym's billing features, please visit our our Finance Page. Or, click on the button below to schedule a demo with an expert who can answer your questions about using Exym EHR software for schools! 


Brooke White
Post by Brooke White
January 24, 2024